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The thought behind this arrangement was a decent one; drive a Federation starship into a locale of room that had at no other time been investigated, with no reinforcement from some other Starfleet vessels. It guaranteed us new things to find in the Trek universe, and furthermore an opportunity to perceive  ดูหนัง how Federation esteems would be tried when the team didn’t have anybody to reply to. Lamentably, while there are various acceptable Voyager scenes to watch, this arrangement fundamentally transformed into “The Next Generation: Phase Two”. It was (for the most part) the standard, worn out stories and circumstances we have seen previously (to be sure, there were in excess of a couple of scenes that associated straightforwardly with TNG). In spite of astounding exhibitions from Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway and Robert Picardo as the boat’s holographic specialist, Voyager was a botched chance.


6. Revelation

star journey revelation

This was the first of the cutting edge CBS All Access Star Trek shows. Revelation should happen around 10 years before the experiences of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in The Original Series. Be that as it may, we need to ask why the makers and makers of this show chose this specific course of events for this arrangement. It just feels like they utilized a dartboard, and the “10 years before TOS” was the area that was hit by the dart. Subsequently, Discovery feels like a blend of old Trek references and new storylines and configurations. It simply doesn’t solidify well.

This shouldn’t imply that the show is all terrible. Sonequa Martin-Green works admirably playing the insubordinate Starfleet official Michael Burnham. She needs to become familiar with certain exercises herself even as she needs to procure the trust of the team of the Discovery. Jason Isaacs is great as Discovery’s puzzling chief Lorca and Doug Jones does his standard awesome exhibition, under heaps of cosmetics, as the outsider Saru. In the subsequent season, we get rewarded to Anson Mount, who plays Christopher Pike, the Enterprise’s skipper before Kirk, and he causes us to have faith in chivalrous Starfleet pioneers once more. Ethan Peck is likewise presented as a youthful Spock, and he works admirably.

It’s actually really awful. There are acceptable entertainers, and astounding enhanced visualizations, in this arrangement, yet it presently can’t seem to discover a concentration for its storylines. Maybe that is the reason, toward the finish of the subsequent season, we saw the Discovery time-traveling a few centuries into what’s to come. Liberated from managing all past Trek progression, maybe Discovery will make its mark in its third season.


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