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Note: This is PART ONE (1) of a THREE(3) part article series.

What Is A “Felt Need”?

This article explains how adoption of the what I have called a “Felt-Needs” Oriented Business Marketing Strategy can dramatically improve your ability to win profitable PAYING clients.

I first encountered the term “Felt Need” as Google sheets a student of Agricultural Extension Services in the university. A “Felt Need” refers to a NEED” that is “FELT” – OK, sorry about that :-).

Let me put it this way: A FELT NEED is more compelling, and likely to make the person who feels it TAKE ACTION to address or “meet” it, than a “WANT” would be.

As human beings there are a variety of things we NEED to live healthy lives. For instance, we NEED to eat – but some peculiar individuals among us sometimes do not remember this most essential of needs so readily, especially when preoccupied with doing something they enjoy.

Nevertheless, no matter how much a person loves working and/or playing, there will come a point in time that s/he will FEEL the NEED to eat (by way of hunger pangs!) – except of course s/he’s “Robocop”! So, when something that we NEED to do(or NEED to HAVE) comes into our consciousness, it becomes a FELT NEED. (I hope my university lecturers find this “explanation” adequate. LOL!)

Applying The Concept Of “Felt Needs” To Business Marketing

I adopted this “Felt Needs” concept in my work, specifically to improve my ability to find profitable PAYING clients for my custom spreadsheet solutions development service. Believe it or not(and this will depend on what part of the world you are in), up till the time of writing – 27th June 2007 – there is STILL no single institution in my country – Nigeria – that offers spreadsheet programming courses of any sort.

AND, there are certainly NO individuals or organisations offering spreadsheet software development solutions. The main reason for the above situation, is a widespread belief out here, by some of the supposedly more knowledgeable “experts” and professionals that spreadsheet programming is “inferior” to other “more popular” ones like C/C++, VB, SQL etc.

This pervasive disregard for applications developed to run within other applications therefore made it extremely difficult to sell my services from the day I began. I was getting very few clients only every now and then – not with any consistency.

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