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If you’ve already spent a couple of weeks suffering through sleepless nights, getting some over the counter sleeping pills may seem like the answer to your sleeping problems, but ultimately they won’t satisfactorily resolve your insomnia and may even create more problems than they help. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider other alternatives to over the counter sleeping pills to treat your sleep problems zopiclone for sale.

Sleeping pills are dangerous if you have certain health conditions – the sleeping pills that can be bought over the counter are basically just anti-histamines and, as such, there are a variety of other conditions for which anti-histamines are contraindicated, including glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers and other stomach problems, and diabetes, among others.
Sleeping pills don’t play well with other drugs – over the counter sleep aids often interact poorly with other drugs, including allergy medications, heart medications and muscle relaxants. While your pharmacist or doctor may indicate issues to be aware of for prescription sleeping aids, most people aren’t aware they need to be careful of over the counter remedies. If you do decide to try over the counter sleeping pills, at least talk to your pharmacist about interactions with any other medication you may be taking.
Sleeping pills often make you drowsy during the day – the residual effects from sleeping pills, especially if you take them late at night, often mean that you spend the following day feeling drowsy and lethargic. In addition, they can affect your driving ability, making you a hazard to both yourself and others on the road, due to dulled reflexes and muzzy thinking.
Sleeping pills only mask symptoms – while over the counter sleep medication may allow you to get to sleep tonight, they don’t treat the root of your insomnia and as soon as you stop taking them you are back to where you started — lying awake and staring at the ceiling. In order to cure your insomnia, you need to tackle what is causing it, whether it is simply a habit of poor sleep hygiene or anxiety that is keeping you awake every night.
In addition to the problems listed above, over the counter sleep aids just don’t provide a very good quality of sleep. They can also lead to addiction over the long term and if you suffer from chronic insomnia, higher doses are often required in order for you to continue to use them to fall asleep. The best solution to resolving your sleep problem permanently is to tackle the root issues and to re-learn how to fall asleep naturally every night.

One excellent way to train your brain back into the habits of sleeping is Sleep Tracks. In addition to using brainwave audio technology to help you fall asleep in the short term, it is a complete sleep training course designed to permanently cure your insomnia.

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