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Hashim – ھاشم implies: Generous

Hashir – حاشر implies: One who collects

Hasnain – حسنین implies: Combination of Hassan and Hussain

Hisham – ھیشام implies: Generosity

Huzaifah – حزیفہ implies: Curtailed, abbreviated    Muslim boys Names


Muslim kid names in Arabic beginning from I English letter to get Muslim Tamil child names list for young men in Tamil

Ibrahim – ابراھیمؑ implies: A Prophet’s name

Iftikhar – افتخار implies: Proud

Ihsan – احسان implies: Beneficence

Ihtsham – احتشام implies: Respectable, decent

Ijaz – اعجاز implies: Miracle

Kid Names Quran and Hadith

Imaan – امان implies: Faith

Imad – عماد implies: Pillar of solidarity, sure

Imran – عمران implies: A Prophet’s name

Imtiaz – امتیاز implies: Different, collectible, Distinct

Iqbal – اقبال implies: Responsiveness

Iqraam – اکرام implies: To be of help, regard

Irfan – عرفان implies: Gratefulness

Israr – اسرار implies: Insist, never surrenders

Isaam – عصام implies: independent achievement

Ishtiyaq – اشتیاق implies: Longing, wanting

Muslim Boys Names 2018

Izaan – اذان implies: Obedience


Present day Muslim kid names in Malayalam language to pick a standout amongst other Islamic infant names at

Jabir – جابر implies: Comforter, restorer

Jafar – جعفر implies: Rivulet, stream

Jahanzeb – جہانزیب implies: Beautiful

Jamal – جمال implies: Beauty

Jamil – جمیل implies: Beautiful, flawless

Jasim – جاسم implies: Powerful, solid

Jawad – جواد implies: Liberal, liberal

Javed – جاوید implies: Bright

Jibran – جبران implies: Reward

Muslim Boy Names 2017

Junaid – جنید implies: Fighter, worrier


Present day Boys names Islamic with implications beginning from a to z in Urdu, English, Hindi, Malay. Pick top Kids names.

Kabeer – کبیر implies: Great

Kafeel – کفیل implies: Responsible, Surety

Kaiser – قیصر implies: Emperor, King

Kaleem – کلیم implies: Speaker, talker

Karim – کریم implies: Giver

Kamran – کامران implies: Safety and supportive

Kashif – کاشف implies: Uncoverer

Kazim – کاظم implies: Restrainer of outrage

Khaleel – خلیل implies: Goo Friend

Islamic Boys Names 2016

Khalid – خالد implies: Eternal, brilliant

Khubaib – خیبیب implies: Shinning

Khuram – خرم implies: Tiger

Khursheed – خورشید implies: The sun


Muslim young men names which interesting, charming and in vogue for naming new brought into the world male children, Boys names beginning from L.

Labeeb – لبیب implies: Intelligent

Laiq – لائق implies: Deserving

Latif – لطیف implies: Fine, delicate

Liyaqat – لیاقت implies: Worth, meriting

Luqman – لقمان implies: A Prophet’s name


Present day Islamic and Arabic young men names and their English implications, Boy names in Arabic gathered from Arabic roots.

Mahad – محد implies: Great, decent

Muslim Boys Names in Arabic

Majid – ماجد implies: Glorious, laudable

Makhdoom – مخدوم implies: One who is server

Mansoor – منصور implies: triumphant

Manzoor – منظور implies: Approved, Accepted

Maqbool – مقبول implies: Popular

Masarrat – مسرّت implies: Happiness, amuse

Masoud – مسعود implies: Lucky

Mateen – متین implies: Solid, consistent, extreme

Misbah – مصباح implies: Light, light

Mohid – موحد implies: One who has faith in Allah

Muslim Boys Names in Urdu

Mohsin – محسن implies: Helper, alluring

Mounir – منیر implies: Light, daylight

Mubashir – مبشّر implies: Spreader of uplifting news

Mubeen – مبین implies: Clear

Mudasir – مدثّر implies: Handsome

Mueen – معین implies: One who makes a difference

Muaz – معاذ implies: secured

Mustansar – مستنصر implies: who has been requested assistance

Murad – مراد implies: Aim

Mueez – معیز implies: One who gives security

Top Quranic Boys Names

Muhammad – محمّد implies: Praiseworthy

Mujeeb – مجیب implies: Responder

Muiz – معیز implies: One who gives security

Mukarram – مکرّم implies: Respected

Mukhtar – مختار implies: Selected

Mumtaz – ممتاز implies: One who is recognized

Muneeb – منیب implies: One who turns in contrition

Munis – مونس implies: Companion, Consoler

Murtaza – مرتضیٰ implies: The liberal

Mushtaq – مشتاق implies: Ardent, Longing

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