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Twitter is a wonderful place, full of every kind of person with every kind of opinion you could imagine. But, unless you have a merry band of Twitter followers already, it can seem a lonely place and one where you do not have much of a voice, as with out followers, no one can hear the tree if it does indeed fall in the woods.

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Getting followers in the early days of a Twitter account can be hard work because there are so many accounts that people are starting to really pick and choose who they follow. Once you have established thousands of followers, it then gets easy to take things to a new level because you will find your followers re-tweeting your tweets and the word begins to spread about you, hopefully for the right reasons.

Below, we look at our top tips to increase your followers on Twitter.

Jazz Up Your Profile – Make sure your Twitter profile is snazzy and contains lots of useful information about you and why you are on Twitter. Try to have a picture as this makes things more personal and always complete your biography with a short, snappy blast about you.

Tweet Relevant Things – Once you start to establish a list of followers, they will normally be following you for a reason, usually related to the niche you are in and logically therefore tweeting about. For this reason, it is important to try and keep your tweets related to your niche, so if you have a load of followers interested in Web Design, tweeting about how to repair a washing machine will not do you many favours.

Look At Time Relevant Tweets – Because Twitter is an instantaneous thing, posting tweets about something that has just literally just happened is always a winner. If it’s in the news then you can bet people will be searching for it on Twitter, to see other opinions and related information, so make sure you follow your industry news and make some comments when things happen.

Cause A Stir – Be careful here, but a slightly controversial comment could get you a lot of followers because your tweet is likely to be re-tweeted. When we say controversial, we would encourage you to stay within the realms of the law and keep it sensible, but having an opinion different to others is usually a good way to spark interest in what you are doing. If you are tweeting for a company or to advertise a product, remember that your tweets will be reflected on what you’re trying to get across, so be warned.

Send Out Some Information – Tell the world about your new article, website, blog post or product and give them a reason to follow you. Like most things on the Internet, you either have to be famous or have loads of good content to pick up decent traffic and Twitter is no different, so make sure that the majority of your tweets actually mean something. Although people might love to know you are on your way to the Caribbean for your holidays, this novelty will soon wear off.

Follow Others – By following others you normally expect them to follow you, unless you are following celebrities or the famous. If you are following people who share the same interests as you then you normally find that they will follow you back, so it’s well worth hunting down people who suit your niche and then following them to get a follower back.

Encourage Re-tweeting – Re-tweeting is where one of your followers takes your tweet and posts it on their profile, meaning that all of their followers can see your tweet. This can be one of the most effective ways of getting followers because it can make other people know about you and what you do and therefore encourage them to tweet about you and therefore follow you.

Link To Your Twitter Account – Add your Twitter logos to your site, emails and any other “clickable” media you partake in, because you need to let people know about the fact you use Twitter and want them to follow you. Like most things, you can incentivise people to follow, maybe have a free competition or something, but in most case people will follow you if they like you or what you have to offer.

Making Twitter work for your site or business takes time and hard work, so do not give up and keep pushing on with the tips mentioned above.

Ian Spencer works for Clear Web Services, a SEO Web Optimisation and Web Design company serving the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

He has worked in the SEO and Internet Marketing world for many years, and working in partnership with an

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