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For many people going abroad means heading to a tropical island with golden sands and turquoise oceans to relax in luxury for a few days. Expeditions abroad however, offer a different type of trip that can include a number of elements. This can be a great memorable experience you carry with you for life. Many organised expeditions abroad are done so through expedition companies who specialise in adventure travel and trekking adventure. ekspedisi Bandung They will attend to your travel plans, provide an itinerary for the trip and offer safety and welfare advice to make sure you are comfortable on your trip. Many companies who offer this kind of service work with schools, youth clubs and other organisations and expeditions abroad are usually taken on, on a team basis.

The idea of going as a group or team, firstly means safety in numbers – as some of the locations can be very remote and unknown territory can be quite daunting for anyone. Secondly to take on any expedition is a great bonding experience and challenge, which can develop interpersonal skills and other skills like leadership, motivation and trust. Such qualities are vital for such expeditions. Many companies offer various trips to regions all over the world. It can range from volunteering in third world countries, which can involve such activities like assisting in construction of local amenities like playgrounds, schools and community centres. It can also involve simply assisting locals and natives with community projects and helping children to learn. These trips are a great bonding experience and tend to evoke intense emotion – and can really help you to develop your own self whilst helping others.

Other expeditions abroad might involve trekking or climbing. Regions like Iceland are visited regularly by groups who want to endure something different and challenging. These kinds of expeditions involve around 4 days on the move, breath-taking scenery and trekking mountains in order to see some amazing sites of the world and in Iceland itself the sites of the hot springs. The locations can vary from Africa, Asia, North and South America to Europe and South East Asia. So as part of an expedition group you could find yourself trekking in the Amazon jungle or whale watching in Northern Europe. The activities are endless and your expeditions abroad needn’t be stressful. Adventure travel companies are specialists in expeditions around the world so always seek advice and explore their options before you do anything else!

World Challenge are a premier independent trekking company offering Expeditions Abroad []. World Challenge provides adventure travel, trekking, volunteer work and expeditions in the developing world. Travel on your own or with friends, and explore the world as part of a World Challenge team.

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