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Blood sports as the name suggests, refers to certain forms of sports that involve bloodshed of innocent animals. It involves engaging the animals in a fierce fight against each other and often ends with the death of one or all the animals involved.
Hare coursing, bull fighting, dog fighting, bear baiting, and badger baiting are the common examples of blood sports.

Animal Rights and Animal welfare activists have long been making an outcry against such barbaric sports and have been instrumental in shutting down pro team makerĀ  most of them. However, these sports are still being practiced in some of the nations as a form of human entertainment.

In hare coursing, animals like hounds are made to chase the fragile hares. They are made to chase the harmless hares by sight and not by the much commonly practiced scent. It is practiced often as gambling, and the organizers tend to provide an excuse behind organizing such barbaric events as essential for controlling the population of hares or for sharpening the skills of sight hounds. Though banned in some of the nations as illegal, it is still organized in most of the parts of the world as a competitive and regulated sport.

Those in favor of this barbaric cruelty have long been placing arguments in favor of hare coursing. However, in the absence of notable scientific arguments, it is still to be established as a welfare practice. The coursing events, like Waterloo cups, have still kept the heinous crime against innocent animals going. The coursers tend to organize the sports until every single hare of the area has been killed. The sport has swapped away almost 80% of the total hare population of United Kingdom. With the culture of coursing strongly imbedded and the promising rewards behind the events, the sadistic organizers are even using arms.

Bullfighting is another blood sport which is actively being organized in some of the most developed nations of the world. It is found to be an impressive form of entertainment in nations like France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and The Philippines. Followers regard it as a fine art, while the detractors have been calling a ban on this heinous blood sport.

Bullfighting is Not Artistic-It Is a Barbaric Blood Sport!

The supporters have been linking bull fighting with their culture and tradition, comparing the horrific act with arts like music and dance. The bull is hooked on its shoulders by the cruel matadors on several occasions. After it has received multiple blows and seems to be too fragile to continue further, the bull is killed with a single blow by the cruel blade of a sword. In Portugal, it has been declared illegal to kill a bull in the arena so the fighting bull is later slaughtered as fighting bulls are to be considered only once.

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