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Stacy Adams suits are especially designed for special occasions and purposes. The exercise and yoga suits are available for men and women. These suits are just what you need to have a perfect workout or yoga session. In this article I will talk about the four feel-better fitness moves that you should do only when you are wearing suits by Stacy Adams because they give you great comfort and all that it takes to do the moves in the best possible way. Here are the 4 moves:

The Sat Kriya Pose

What it does? It is good for all that ails you, from head-aches to lower back pains.

How to sit? Sit back, with tops of feet on floor. Interlace fingers, index fingers pointed up. Extend arms to ceiling, by ears; close eyes. Inhale, saying, ‘Sat’; exhale, saying, ‘Naam’.

The Yoga Mudra Pose

What it does? This move can give the boot to headaches caused by stress.

How to sit? Sit with tops of your feet on the floor, knees together. Lace fingers behind your back. Lean forward and gently rest your forehead on the ground. Slowly raise your hands toward the ceiling, as high as you comfortably can. Hold this position, breathing in and out deeply through your nose.

The Shoulder Stand

What it does? Zaps upper-body tension. (Skip it if you are a beginner or have your periods or high blood pressure).

How-to? Lie back and swing legs overhead, hands supporting lower back. Raise legs straight up; walk hands toward shoulder blades; hold.

Flu Fighter – Variation of Sat Kriya

What it does? This pose will boost your energy level and immune system and help alleviate achy, flu-ish muscles.

How-to? Sit with the tops of feet on the floor, knees together; cross arms. Contract your back and butt muscles and inhale deeply as you forcefully raise forearms to shoulder height; exhale and quickly lower arms to start position; continue.

These exercises and moves are a lot easier to follow when you wear special suits while doing them. The special suits are flexible, comfortable and just made the way you want them to.

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